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Version: v1.10

Let's get started with Formance Ledger

Interested in learning more about how Formance Ledger works? This is the place to start.

"Hello, world" is a tutorial that shows you how to use Formance Ledger, by walking you through its basic concepts and operation. You'll be up and running with your own ledger no time.

The game world of Cones of Dunshire

We could just run abstract transactions of generic currencies between meaningless accounts, but what fun is that? Instead, we have set all of our tutorials and guides in the fictional game world of Cones of Dunshire, a world where accountants and warriors battle for control of Cones. You'll play the role of ledgerman, whose job is to oversee the finances of the realm—how money enters the world, how it moves around the world among and between different players, how coins get converted to other currencies, and how money ultimately leave the world.

Hello, world

In this tutorial, you will learn how…

  • to create a Formance Ledger sandbox.
  • to use the Formance CLI fctl to interact with the ledger.
  • Formance Ledger models transactions and accounts.
  • to describe transactions using Numscript.
  • to introduce money into the ledger from the outside world (and why you need to do that).
  • to run Numscript transactions using the command line.
  • to verify transactions and account balances with the built-in dashboard.

Ready? Then put on your ledgerman's cap 👩🏽‍✈️ and read on.