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Formance Ledger

What is Ledger?

Formance Ledger is a real-time money tracking microservice that lets you model and record complex financial transactions. It offers atomic, multi-posting transactions and is programmable using Numscript, a dedicated DSL (Domain Specific Language) to model and templatize such transactions.

Getting started

Hello, world

Get your feet wet and an understanding of how Formance Ledger works, by creating your first accounts and transactions to track money movements.

Complex transactions

Understand how to use Numscript to track complex money movements, reconcile accounts, and more in this series of focused tutorials.

Getting help

Are you stuck? Have a technical question not well answered in these docs? Run into a problem you can't solve?

Come chat with us! We have a Slack server where we and others using Formance hang out.

Or, if you prefer, you can also Tweet at us.

I found a bug!

Did you find a bug in Formance Ledger? Well, thanks! We need your help to make it better. You can file a bug report and tell us all about it.

Formance Ledger is Open Source

Formance Ledger is Open Source, and we welcome your contributions, whether it's code or working on these very documents. We maintain a welcoming and inclusive community: Join us on GitHub and learn how to get involved.