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Version: v2.0

Adyen Connector


Before you begin, you need to have a Adyen account. If you don't have one, you can sign up for a Adyen account here.


Make sure to create an API key dedicated to Formance. Doing so will improve your auditability and security and will allow you to revoke access to Formance at any time if needed.


In order to use the adyen connector, you will have to create a webhook in your Adyen account. You need to go to Developers > Webhooks in your Adyen account and click on the button to add a new standard webhook.

Webhook Creation

Then, on the webhook creation page, you need to first generate a new HMAC key.

HMAC Key Generation

Copy the HMAC key and paste it in the hmacKey field in the JSON configuration for the formance connector. You can now create the connector on the Formance platform using the following command:

fctl payments connectors install adyen adyen.json

With adyen.json containing:

"name": "adyen",
"apiKey": "<apiKey>",
"hmacKey": "<hmacKey>",
"liveEndpointPrefix": "<liveEndpointPrefix>",
"pollingPeriod": "2m"

Retrieve the connector ID after creation, you will need it to link the connector to the webhook in Adyen.

Finally, you can add the URL in the server configuration in the webhook creation page on Adyen. The URL must have the following format:


You can now save the configuration and wait for webhooks to start coming in.