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Start the Formance Ledger service

Formance Ledger is a service that must be running before it can process any transactions.

To start the Formance Ledger service, enter the following into your command line:

numary server start --debug

Normally, you wouldn't need the --debug option, but for learning it can be helpful to see some verbose logging of what's going on. Without this option, Formance Ledger is generally silent.

Anway, if all is well, you will see a great deal of debugging output in your shell that ends like this:

[Fx] HOOK OnStart called by ran successfully in 2.636896ms


Seeing something other than RUNNING? Or nothing at all?

If there is no output, make sure you included the --debug flag.

If you see this:

listen tcp bind: address already in use

then there is already an instance of Formance running.

If the numary server just exits without a message, then you are probably already running an instance of the server somewhere else, and you left off the --debug flag.

Next stepsโ€‹

Next up, let's introduce money into our system so we can start moving it around.