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Version: v2.0

Getting started with Wallets

In this section, you'll learn the basics of Formance Wallets by manipulating them using the Formance CLI, fctl.

You'll learn how to create wallets, top them up with funds, transfer funds between wallets, and putting funds on hold.

Wallets in the world of Cones of Dunshires

Throughout this tutorial, we will come back to the world of Cones of Dunshires, a fictional game that we will use to illustrate the concepts.

You will model the basics mechanism of an RPG game, where players earn money and experience points by completing quests, and can spend money to buy items. In addition, players can earn badges by winning tournaments. These badges can be used to unlock special items and they expire after a certain amount of time, when a new season starts.

Another common RPG mechanism you'll model is the auction house, where players can bid on items. When they bid on an item, the money is put on hold until they win the auction, or someone else bids higher.