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Version: v2.0

Creating Wallets

Wallets can be created using the POST /wallets endpoint, which will return a blank wallet object you can store the reference of in your system:

"id": "e21494fe-dbd1-4323-8f2c-28c3bafb96d1",
"balances": {},
"metadata": {}

At this point, the wallet will start to exist on the underlying ledger, but it will not have any balances.

Choosing a Wallet Strategy

There are multiple strategies you can adopt when creating wallets; you can choose to create a wallet for a specific user, or you can create a wallet for a specific resource in your system.

Using metadata

Wallets carry a metadata field that can be used to store any information you want to associate with the wallet. This is useful when you want to e.g. attach a reference to a resource in your system to the wallet.

"metadata": {
"user_id": "1234"