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Version: v2.0

Formance Payments

Formance Payments is a unified API that abstracts over multiple different payment providers like Stripe and Wise, simplifying the process of building money flows that stitch multiple payment providers together.


This page is still in progress and actively being worked on. Please check back later for updates.

Getting started

Read how the payments service works and how to get started using connectors and listing your payments and accounts.

Read how formance connectors works and install the connector for your payment provider.

Getting help

Are you stuck? Have a technical question not well answered in these docs? Run into a problem you can't solve?

Come chat with us! We have a Slack server where we and others using Formance hang out.

Or, if you prefer, you can also Tweet at us.

I found a bug!

Did you find a bug in Formance Payments? Well, thanks! We need your help to make it better. You can file a bug report and tell us all about it.