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Version: v2.0


In Numscript, a posting models the movement of an amount of an asset from one account to another. Postings are wrapped in a transaction to ensure that they are applied atomically.

Defining a posting

A posting is defined as followed:

send [COIN 100] (
source = @world
destination = @users:001

Square brackets describe the asset being moved using the Formance's Unambiguous Monetary Notation (UMN). It is composed of the asset type optionally followed by a scaling value, and the amount. In this case, the asset type is COIN with no scaling value, and the amount is 100.

Postings with no amount

You can omit the amount of an asset in a posting and replace it with a *. This is used when you want to move all of the asset from one account to another.

send [USD/2 *] (
source = @order:1234
destination = {
10% to @platform:fees
remaining to @merchant:5678

Here, we are moving all of the USD/2 asset from the @order:1234 account. 10% of the @order:1234 balance is moved to the @platform:fees account, and the remaining 90% is moved to the @merchant:5678 account.