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Version: v2.0


Formance CloudPrem 2 is the simplest way to deploy Formance in a standardized way, while hosting it on your own infrastructure. It relies on Kubernetes, helm and the Formance operator to deploy and manage resources in your cluster.

This section details the specifics of deploying Formance as a CloudPrem Type 2 deployment, where the control plane and data plane are hosted in your own Kubernetes cluster.


Before moving on to the installation, make sure you match the following prerequisites:

  • You have installed fctl. Follow the instruction in this guide if it's not installed.
  • You have a Kubernetes cluster available and ready to be used
  • You have a publicly accessible domain name, on which you can create DNS records and get certificates for subdomains


In this section, we'll cover the steps to deploy Formance as a CloudPrem Type II deployment, covering in order:

  1. Deployment Formance Membership
  2. Deployment Formance Operator
  3. Deployment Formance Stack

After completing these three steps you'll have your own Formance stack — running its control and data plane in your Kubernetes cluster. Let's get started!