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Version: v1.10

Your private region

Every Formance resource deployed will belong to a stack, itself exising within a specific region. By creating a private region, we will provide a home for stacks that will be deployed on your own infrastructure.


Imagine being able to select my-datacenter-1 instead of eu-west-1 on AWS, and creating e.g. an EC2 instance there — to be deployed on your own machine, while still being managed by AWS. This is the essence of what private regions are about.

Creating a region

The simplest way to create your private region is through fctl, issuing the following command:

fctl cloud regions create my_region

This will create a region within your organization, returning a region ID and a region secret in the process. You will need to keep these values at hand for the next steps.

You can verify that the region was created by listing your private regions with the following command:

fctl cloud regions list

And inspect a your newly created region with:

fctl cloud regions show REGION_ID


We have now created a private region, which will be used to deploy Formance CloudPrem. Now comes the time to link that region to an actual Kubernetes cluster, using the Formance Operator.