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Version: v1.10

Cloud Regions

Available regions

Formance Cloud is available in the following regions:

Region IdentifierDescriptionAvailability
aws-us-west-2-hostingUS, Oregon (AWS)General Availability ✅
aws-af-south-1-hostingAfrica, Cape Town (AWS)General Availability ✅
aws-eu-west-1-hostingEU, Ireland (AWS)General Availability ✅
aws-sa-east-1-hostingSA, São Paulo (AWS)General Availability ✅
aws-us-east-1-hostingUS, Virginia (AWS)General Availability ✅
aws-ap-southeast-1-hostingAPAC, Singapore (AWS)Available upon request

Creating a production deployment

Once you have set up a billing account (by reaching out to us), your available production deployments quota will be increased. You can then create a production deployment by selecting one of the regions listed above in the stack creation command:

fctl stack create my-stack

To list all available regions, you can run the following command:

fctl cloud regions ls

More informations about a specific region can be also be obtained by running the following command:

fctl cloud regions show aws-eu-west-1-hosting

Information and requests

For more information and any requests regarding the Formance Cloud offering, please contact us at

As a SOC-2 Type II certified company, we take security and privacy seriously — and will be happy to answer any questions you may have, as well as provide you with a copy of our SOC-2 report upon request.